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I speak in regards to Governor Palin with these questions. Like many Evangelical Alaskans, I was overjoyed when the Governor decided to run for office three years ago. Unlike most Evangelicals, I got off the bus before the general election because it became clear to me in studying what Sarah said about business and fiscal matters, that she lacked the understanding and finesse to secure a gas line for the State (this was back when she was the primary proponent of an all-Alaskan line). It was sad for me not to be able to support her, but I'm a business owner and I have to care about the health of my business, not just desire to support an enthusiastic candidate.

Fast forward three years, wherein I, and every other Alaskan who has paid close attention, has been forced to watch the slow, agonizing train wreck that has become the Sarah Palin Governorship.

Sarah lied about her knowledge and involvement in Troopergate. Her behavior and complicity in this affair is without question. She was found guilty to have abused the power of her office by a bipartisan legislative investigation. It should matter very little that a three member partisan board she oversaw the appointment of, found her innocent. This entire matter turned into the type of charade that devastates those of us who believe in the validity of our "three branches of government" system. Sarah thumbed her nose at the very form of democracy we practice in our republic with her John McCain Campaign We'll Take Over From Here deception of an investigation.

The fact that Sarah blatantly lied under oath is is supposed to mean something to people of character, people of credibility and people of conviction – especially religious conviction.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of Evangelicals – Alaskans and Americans – getting their news from Fox News almost exclusively, it means nothing. All this has served to do is stoke the fire of the faithful calvary who are supposed to rush to Sarah's defense, checkbooks in hand, and decry the slander she has to endure at the pens and mouths of America's Evil Liberals.

But wait a second. I'm not a liberal. I'm a conservative. And an Evangelical. And a proud Alaskan. And if I've learned anything about Sarah Palin's credibility and "character" since she's been in office, it's this: the woman is dishonest. She isn't trustworthy. She is the single most divisive individual in the Republican Party right now.

And it's not only that she lied about Troopergate and abused her power of office, she has governed these past eight months with disinterest and vitriol. She seems much more interested in creating dramas and flat out fights with with another branch of government – the legislative branch (think the Juneau Senate seat fiasco and the Wayne Anthony Ross for AG debacle and the won't/will/won't/will mess with the stimulus money, for starters).

This is not the character of a person I trust, let alone admire. If Sarah has done anything the past year, she has shot her credibility with me and a host of others in this State – those who care enough to pay attention.

The lies just don't stop coming. When she angrily denounced Levi Johnson on national news saying it was "over my dead body" that Levi would be living with Bristol under her roof – anyone who knows anything about this situation in the Valley knows that she was telling a flat-out, straight-up, blatant-as-you-please LIE.

Maybe that doesn't matter to you, Mr. Grenn. But it matters to me. To me and to the vast majority of Evangelicals in Alaska who I know. The heady days of Governor Palin knowing she could count on the Evangelical vote in this state are over. Why? Because things like credibility and character really do matter. Dan Jarrell is right. I, and thousands like me, have done the serious work of "knowing the character" of our governor. And it has been sad and scary and disheartening what we have learned about her.

But she has little to fear – the uninformed Evangelicals of America have no idea who she really is, what lengths she'll go to to advance herself (I would say "her agenda" here, except that it's become clear Sarah has no agenda other than herself).

There's a sweet little sad letter to the editor today by a woman living in Anchorage – one of Sarah's Faithful Evangelical Flock. One who refuses to pay attention to the facts of what Sarah has done to our State and our Party since she came on the scene a couple years ago. In the letter this lady says, "I am so sorry for the slander so many have brought against you…It shows you are truly a Christian woman with strong moral values. Otherwise you wouldn't be under such vicious attack."

Truly bizarre – this head-shaking line of reasoning. And I would be prone to dismiss it – were it not for the fact that this is the very thinking Sarah encourages and Punditry Central at Fox News dishes out by the hour — Sarah has strong moral values because Sarah is under vicious attack. I wouldn't believe anyone could actually buy this line, except that millions do. Including (and it hurts to have to point this out) someone as otherwise lucid a thinker as Dennis Miller ("She must be right because all the wrong people hate her.")

Dennis, you're a better thinker than this.

But until the rest of the nation decides to sit up and pay close attention, I fear this is all for naught. Sarah will run for the presidency in 2012. It's time for men and women of actual conviction, credibility and character to state with clarity and kindness what we here in Alaska know – without a doubt – about the credibility and character of Governor Sarah Palin.


Sadly, Jim you seem to represent a very small minority of those who support Governor Palin – in that you are well versed in state matters, etc., but you discredit yourself in that you (at least from what I've read on this site) always come to Governor's Palin's defense regardless of the facts. You and the few other "thinking Sarah supporters" have seemingly decided it doesn't matter what she does, you will spin it in her favor.

This is odd to me – because you otherwise strike me as a thinking individual. Most of Sarah's supporters aren't well versed in facts and operate from much more of an emotional mindset. In Sarah's world – as evidenced by how she and her spokeswoman Meghan Stapelton have functioned since her failed V.P. bid – there are two options – support Sarah with unquestioning support. She is not to be questioned. She is to be trusted. Period. Or, you are a "hater" and are jealous of Sarah.

Those appear to be the only two options. It is a frightening thought that an individual of this nature and character would aspire to – and actually have a shot at becoming – our nation's next resident at 1600 Penn. Ave.

Sarah and her family deserve our prayers and support – as an Alaskan family – and for those of us who are faith based Evangelicals – as Christians we need to (and I want to) support her as a person and as a Christian.

Do I want Sarah Palin to ever have a position of governmental authority – either in Alaska or in America?

Absolutely not. She has shown herself over and over and over and over the past two and a half years to not have the temperment and maturity of a leader – let alone the wisdom or knowledge.

Would that we have a Christian and a woman and a conservative one day sit as president in the White House.

Sarah Palin is not that woman.

And those of us who are Christians and conservatives in Alaska need to quit shirking from our duty as citizens of the USA and citizens of the coming Kingdom – and speak what we know the truth is. Hard and sad though that be.

Our nation is counting on us (whether they know it or not).

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Snowy
    Jul 16, 2009 @ 16:34:00

    Nice to hear a rational evangelical conservative take on Palin. I'm a liberal atheist. Far too often here on Vox I read conservatives regurgitating the latest Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, et al, message of hate. That they are all Palin supporters is not surprising. While I admit to being overjoyed at Obama's win, I know that for democracy to function, the pendulum between left and right must swing back and forth. I am horrified that someone who is so obviously unsuited may one day become the most powerful person in the world. Good people from across the political spectrum must not allow that to happen. I congratulate you on your contribution to the fight.


  2. JCarter
    Jul 16, 2009 @ 17:29:00

    While being a former right-wing conservative who campaigned and voted for Obama, I feel very sorry for Sarah Palin. President Obama has already proven that he is who he campaigned as, and probably the greatest President this Country has ever seen. Poor Palin has proven that she is a joke, a liar, and nothing even remotely related to a "Christian." I am honestly praying for her as she needs all the prayer she can get. What is it about these so-called "devout Christians" that they portray only their Satanic side?


  3. xango_xango
    Jul 17, 2009 @ 10:39:00

    I was just over at another forum and one person put it into 3 words…"Liars For Jesus" I agree with that, she is mixing a cocktail of religion, zaney politics and her personal life into a huge tossed salad, also.


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