Palin critics defend their actions


COMPLAINTS: Public records laws were used as designed, they say.

In her resignation speech last week, Gov. Sarah Palin decried the "silly accusations" from critics and the thousands of hours "wasted" by her and other state officials in filling information requests.

But two of Palin's more prolific critics say that public records laws and the ethics complaint process were used by them as designed — as a way for citizens to watchdog their government and keep abuses in check.

Palin didn't give a direct reason for quitting office 17 months before the end of her term, fueling widespread speculation about what was on her mind.

But before she told reporters why she had summoned them to Wasilla on July 3 — the actual news of her impending departure came 12 minutes and 18 seconds into her statement — she spent nearly a minute denouncing the ethics complaints and massive public records requests that have dogged her administration, an issue of obvious importance to her.

"Every one of these — all 15 of the ethics complaints — have been dismissed," Palin asserted. She didn't mention that she had to reimburse the state more than $8,000 for her children's air travel to settle one, and that at least some others dealt with substantial policy questions, like accusations that the governor's staff was engaging in partisan political activity.

Even as Palin assumes lame duck status till she formally leaves office July 26, the complaints continue.

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  1. xango_xango
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 08:57:00

    It's great seeing GINO being given the BUMS RUSH from office, also.


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