Palin’s erroneous and misleading statements have been adopted as truth by writers.

Writers Believe Sarah Palin as she Stirs the Hornet's Next

Posted on 07 July

By Neva Reece

Dani Carlson's Alaska Standard piece inspired a look at how many of Palin's erroneous and misleading statements have been adopted as truth by writers. Some of this misinformation has made it into blogs, news outlets and in mainstream media and is being repeated as factual and accurate. One of the milder examples is that we can now credit Palin's resignation speech with originating a whole new definition of 'lame duck' which was never before meant to refer to the status of elected officials who have chosen not to seek reelection. And I expect many of those officials would be surprised to learn that if they aren't seeking reelection, they spend most of the second half of their terms 'milking' the system, doing 'politics as usual' and enjoying life at the taxpayers expense – never mind that citizens of Alaska don't even pay a state tax.

On a more serious side, there is the continued reference to the huge amount of money for the costs of ethics complaints. The story that the complaints have cost the state million's has also been reiterated frequently. Palin started mentioning the 'millions' being spent a few weeks ago and repeated it in her speech on Friday, though the numbers that were verified and reported several days before her speech have the overall costs at less than $300,000 – so far. More than half of that came from Palin's Troopergate complaint against herself. And, it does cost citizens something – thousands in fact – if they are asking for materials under the Freedom of Information Act, so not everything is free, or 'doesn't cost a cent' which is a quote of a direct Palin phrase and has been repeated consistently.

When it comes to families and the press, Dani and many others repeat Palin's comments that the Obama girls are not subjected to unfair press coverage – Palin has said on numerous occasions that the media 'respected' Obama's request to keep HIS family off limits – However, Obama stated that all families and and specifically Palin's family should be off limits after the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy and other issues began to surface. He made it abundantly clear that if anyone on his staff was found to be promoting any of the negative coverage of her family they would be fired. And it is certain, that if his girls were older and an announcement of the pregnancy of one of his daughters had been made two or three days after he was nominated, there would have been a media frenzy, so this comparison is not a fair or accurate one. If age is taken under consideration, the Obama girls and Piper are in the same age range and seem to be fairly equal in their treatment by the press.

But Palin's behavior continually drew and has continued to draw attention to her family. She knew Bristol was pregnant before she accepted the nomination, then tried to blame the media for 'forcing' her to admit it publicly (to squelch rumors that Trig was actually Bristol's baby). This was her first nonsensical statement from the national stage. Her daughter's pregnancy would have become obvious at some point, and for the news to get out sooner rather than later was beneficial to the campaign. Rumors are not what made Bristol pregnant and an absence of rumors wouldn't make the pregnancy any less obvious in time. No serious media outlet was reporting this speculation about Trig as any kind of news story and the rumors that were swirling elsewhere could – and should – have been ignored. Palin's recent assertion that people were 'mocking' Trig, another statement that has been repeated without examination, is patently false. In a familiar picture of the governor holding her youngest child, radio personality Eddie Burke's face was placed over Trig's not to make fun of Trig, but to point out what seems to be a close relationship between the governor and this particular radio host. Her very public outcry and misinterpretation of this bit of political satire resulted in hundreds if not thousands of other images produced across the Internet which were variations on the theme. In one, the baby's face remains, but Sarah Palin's head is replace with that of a large lizard. Now that was intended as an insult. And in case it isn't clear the insult is for Sarah, not Trig.

And yes, as Dani and others have stated, the press conference did raise more questions than it answered – that is WHY Palin is taking heat. Is she intentionally stirring up controversy? It is not logical thinking on her part to believe she could resign so suddenly and with such vague rationalization and not generate more speculation about her motives and her suitability, not just for the governor's office, but for any leadership role that has genuine responsibility. Anyone can be a 'spokesperson' for a cause, which it seems she plans to be, but you don't get to call yourself a leader if you obsess over those who critique your performance and those who come up with uncomplimentary theories for your own puzzling behaviors.

Palin says she and her staff spent 80% of their time fighting rumors and accusations – that was her choice – others keep their priorities straight and focus on the real job at hand. She can't blame 'the media' or 'bloggers' for how she chose to allot her time as governor. Her responses, some of which came as press releases using state letterhead, addressing media coverage or encouraging 'backlash' against private citizens that filed ethics complaints against her only added fuel to the fire.

On Saturday, Palin's attorney Thomas Van Flein released a statement threatening legal action against Shannyn Moore, a political blogger and commentator. According to Van Flein, Moore and others were saying that it was a fact that Palin quit because of a federal investigation. The blanket threat included a laundry list of other media outlets who hadn't yet made mention of any allegations, just in case. However, anyone who actually read what Moore wrote or researched what she said, would know that she stated there are lots of rumors and that some of those rumors had to do with federal investigations. Any lawyer worth his salt would know that Moore never asserted that there was in fact a federal investigation and the subsequent statement Van Flein gained from the FBI denying any investigation would have been enough to put some of those rumors to rest. But how convenient to name someone specifically in a threatening press release if that person will be on air with their weekly radio program that very day. This absolutely guarantees that there will be more public conversation and media coverage. Palin sets up the scenarios that leave people speculating and continuously stirs the pot, then cries foul. If she really doesn't want the negative attention, she would be more careful about what she does and says. If she keeps this up and her behavior gets so ridiculous that no one takes her seriously, she will be regretting the day mainstream media and serious political bloggers decided she wasn't worth the time. She is almost there.

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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yksin
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 13:11:00

    I did a pretty thorough debunking (complete with charts, table, & references) of Palin's $2 million lie last night — called <a href="; >The 2 million dollar meme</a>. More or less started the post yesterday lunch on the spur of the moment because I was already getting sickened by the MSM's uncritical replication of her lie, & it turned into an all-night project.


  2. yksin
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 13:14:00

    Sorry link didn't work: try again: The 2 million dollar meme.


  3. Inside_Passage
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 13:46:00

    Here's a question: Is it true that of 15 ethics complaints, all 15 have been dismissed in Palin's favor? Or no?


  4. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 14:06:00

    .. No American should allow the government to deny your right to use the process that was provided to ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR OF AN ELECTED OFFICAL.
    Yes, it seems Alaskans, having 3 appointed individuals to determine the guilt or not? of their boss. Dismissed as 'frivolous' No, It didn't favor the citizen Alaskan. They were just asking questions and had concerns about actual erratic and abusive behavior from the executive of Alaska. Some are still pending and some she promised to pay back, paid a fine.
    Go Here
    Palin started mentioning the 'millions' being spent a few weeks ago and repeated it in her speech on Friday, though the numbers that were verified and reported several days before her speech have the overall costs at less than $300,000 – so far. More than half of that came from Palin's Troopergate complaint against herself. And, it does cost citizens something – thousands in fact – if they are asking for materials under the Freedom of Information Act, so not everything is free, or 'doesn't cost a cent' which is a quote of a direct Palin phrase and has been repeated consistently.


  5. Inside_Passage
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 14:24:00

    The Alaska Executive Branch Ethics act was NOT provided as a forum for citizens to ask questions. It was provided to set down a series of ethical guidelines to which public servants must be held. What they were "just" doing is filing claims left and right with no merit in actual fact, to make a nuisance of themselves. Correct? Hence, not one of those 15 claims having any sort of success?THIS is what it's for:'re right – this behaviour does not benefit the citizen Alaskan, it favors special interests who see the opportunity in how the system is set up to abuse it at cost to everyone else. And before you simp about Palin being part of it, I'm not excusing her either.Attempting to defend these tools who file frivolous claims with as ridiculous a claim as "it was made for them to ask questions" is just short of an outright lie. For someone who thrives on moral indignation and outrage at the offenses of Palin, you don't seem to hold yourself to a very high standard.


  6. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 14:26:00

    Just heard that the game Sarah's Personnal board is playing, they have dismissed much of these complaints citing that they have not recieved documention. They hadn't asked for it. My Rumor I heard about the Legal Defense found complaint not being denied yet. The rumor I spoke of just broke on Alaskan Conservative radio. Very nice……


  7. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 14:51:00

    Syrin Tweets
    jus tryn 2 get the trth out…
    Section 120. Misuse of Official Position.
    Section 130. Improper Gifts.
    Section 140. Improper Use or Disclosure of Information.
    Section 150. Improper Influence in State Grants, Contracts, Leases, or Loans.
    Section 160. Improper Representation.
    Section 170. Outside Employment Restricted.
    Section 180. Restrictions On Employment After Leaving State Service.


  8. xango_xango
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 08:55:00

    I was just wondering if Toad and Winky robbed their children's piggy banks or their college funds like they asked people around the world to do in order to help with the Iquitarod's ethical arrogance legal fund.


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