Palin’s Faux Outrage; Round Two


The recent faux outrage from Palin’s office is the most transparent in almost a year. The photoshopped picture posted by Linda Kellen Biegel has been spun into an arena that only the uninformed could follow.  The same picture was photoshopped with a “Baby Dave Letterman” last week without a peep from the governor.  I suppose suggesting that Letterman was a pedophile was enough.

Palin’s spokesperson said: “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.”

sarah & daveIconic? Really? Palin is not the Madonna.  Desecration? What is holy or sacred about Palin? Why the faux outrage?

This attack on Biegel is really about her records request for the email communication between Eddie Burke and Sarah Palin.  Biegel suspects there has been a concerted “backlash” effort by the Administration against Palin’s critics.

Burke, a right wing radio host, has rabidly attacked any critic of the governor.  If Sarah Palin ate a baby heart on TV, Eddie would say it was because she was low in iron and needed the sustenance to keep her strength up against her liberal enemies.  Burke’s show regularly features Palin, her attorney, her spokesperson, her brother, her father, and representatives from an out-of-state, pro-Palin website regularly.

The initial price tag for the records request was $65,000.  Biegel pressed Linda Perez, the Director of the Department of Administration, for an explanation of the search process that was taking 16 hours per employee. The cost was lowered to $5,552.64.


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