Sarah Palin: The Real Dope (pun intended)


First of all take a look at her impressive resume from when she was a candidate for Governor of Alaska.*(see note)  What should come to your attention is that she has never held a real job (outside of government).  She has always been taken care of by her parents or her husband.  She did some volunteer work and was elected mayor of a second class Alaska city.  Not much more than a bedroom community of Anchorage.  Even in that little fiefdom of hers, there were grumbling about her abuse of the office and misusing public resources for her personal gain.

So why would Alaskans elect such an obviously inexperienced, uneducated and ill-prepared candidate to be Governor you ask?  It was a perfect storm of sorts that swept her into office, she didn’t even get the support of the majority of Alaskans.

So Palin ran on the platform of “open and transparent” government and ethics.  Even though throughout the campaign Palin showed a total lack of understanding of the issues, the media basically gave her a free ride.  The more other candidates challenged her, the more sympathy she received from the voters.  Anyone that was against Palin was characterized as being either in the pocket of “Big Oil” or accused of being a misogynist.  Her “shucks, golly gee whiz” persona led to the highest approval rating of any Governor in the country.  Alaskans were enamored with the small town girl who made the big time.

However there are cracks in the facade Palin presented to Alaskan voters .  She is currently under investigation by the legislature for abuse of power involving the firing of her appointed Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety.   She’s backing away from her pledge of open and transparent government by saying that the public isn’t entitled to see emails concerning public business.   She’s facing an ethics complaint from a former State employee.  She has shown poor judgment by selecting a new Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety that had been reprimanded for sexual harassment in his previous position.  He was forced to resign after two weeks in the position, but received $10,000.00 in severance pay.  She is also well known for her favoritism and cronyism.  During her campaign for Governor, Palin said to Alaskans “hold me accountable“, and yet no matter what happens in her administration she is never responsible, it’s always someone or something to blame, but never her.

Let me also dispel the myth that Palin is a fiscal conservative.  Under her administration the operating budget has grown 23%.  She gained some national press by cutting capital projects that would have put Alaskans to work on much needed community improvement.  Looking at the cuts however shows she favored her home district or used the budget to punish or reward certain districts or legislators.  While she is cutting community projects, she’s giving 500 million dollars to a Canadian firm to start a gas line to Canada but with no requirement to actually build the gas line.  A gas line that will benefit and produce more jobs and industry to Canada than to Alaskans and the remainder of the US.  Then to buy off Alaskans she appropriates an additional $1200 dollars to every Alaskan man, woman and child in addition the annual Permanent Fund Dividend.

She is however, a social conservative, which is most likely why McCain chose her.  She will appeal to the radical far right Christian fundamentalists that believe the government should have the ability to coerce individuals to treat their bodies according to their closed minded dogma.

The national media should do a much better job of exposing Palin as nothing more than a small town hockey Mom that is in way over her head.  The American people should do a better job getting past the phony “golly gee” facade Palin presents.  She’s an empty vessel that will shatter when pressed for the hard answers if the media and voters do their jobs.

*Note: The Palin for Governor site that was hosted at was taken down as I was writing this post.  This is typical of Palin, the Murkowski documents regarding his gas line proposal was taken down when people started comparing her AGIA with the Murkowski proposal.  This is more of what is apparently meant by her empty promise of “open and transparent” Government.


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  1. Michelle
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 21:32:00



  2. Michelle
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 21:42:00

    Great post. Do you think that the current meme of "poor me, everyone is picking on me unfairly" will fly? Will the media and the other Republican contenders back off? I can't imagine that, but it seems like that's Sarah's plan. She certainly doesn't appear to be studying up on anything, only activity is her current "tour stops". I don't think the Media will back off – I'm thinking they have some stories at the ready, just waiting to release when she declares for 2012. I wonder if the other Republican contenders will call her out or fold? If they fold it's because they know they have no chance and are sending up a sacrifical lamb…..


  3. xango_xango
    Jun 28, 2009 @ 12:06:00

    America isn't looking to her for advice when she is in the news. They're coming to expect a tabloid drama show. It's been a unique Alaskan experience watching her move from a political figure to a comical figure., also.


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