Once again, Sarah Palin appears to have something to hide

You’ll remember Palin initially promised to cooperate with the legislature initiated Trooper-Gate investigation. But once she was picked as running mate for John McCain, she flipped flop. All of a sudden Palin launched an all out war on the legal process, trying to suppress subpoenas, obstructing justice, doing everything she could to thwart the investigation. A major operation was set up in the office of Anchorage attorney Thomas Van Flein.

According to the Daily News, Van Flein, would not give a case-by-case accounting of how Palin has incurred so much legal debt, saying "that type of breakdown is protected by the attorney-client privilege." Palin's personal spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton, did not respond to inquiries from the ADN about whether the governor would waive the privilege and release that information.

The Governor claims she has more than a half million dollars in legal bills because of all the ethics complaints.  Kristan Cole, the trustee for Palin’s legal defense fund told the Daily News the bills are now more than $600,000. But Palin refuses to say how much of those legal bills come from fighting the Trooper-Gate investigation.

How much could it possibly cost to defend against ethics complaints the personnel board initially dismisses out of hand? Most of these complaints are so frivolous they never were going to amount to anything.

It is reasonable to believe that Governor Palin got herself into deep debt with legal bills almost solely because of her obstructing justice during the Trooper-Gate investigation and the complaint regarding the state paying for her kid’s travel. You’ll remember the governor eventually agreed to pay the money back for her kid's travel. 


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  1. xango_xango
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 13:45:00

    ADN is blabbing about a recent Palin poll saying she was still a contender. I say the floppage of her legal fund is the best message the country has sent to her so far! Cheers.


  2. You Betcha!
    Jun 26, 2009 @ 00:43:00

    Palin never planned to cooperate w/ Troopergate – we all know that. It was another smoke screen and a huge lie – she already knew she was on the list, and picked, when she made that up. Just keepin' the story straight – don't give her any credit whatsoever. We Alaskans know better! There's nothing this twit wouldn't say to progress her agenda. She's Twit Central.


  3. barb99
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 23:16:00

    yes you are right,,,a detailed analysis has been in the post.. but now sara has loose the election,,. loan but i don't know why macain choose her for vice president.,..her character wasn't good, you saw what she did with the Pakistani president


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