Unscrupulous behavior – is there a pay off goin on?


Ok, let's forget that Sarah Palin has broken many, many statutes in the Alaska State Executive Ethics Act. Let's also forget that Sarah Palin has done everything she can to bring shame to her family, the office of governor and the state of Alaska, all at the same time. The facts are not clear, however the option that Palin at 7.5 months who all of the sudden was preggers will not be accepted without question. This  was and still is a mystery to be revealed.

A recent message that I received from a author friend is not new to me, I remember mentioning the possibility. The subject of parentage of Trig has taken on a life of it's own, it's still very interesting.

I am told by reliable sources, but don't know for a fact, that the book deal recently in the news is worth an initial $2 million, with various clauses that could take it higher if the book sells.
Customarily, one-quarter to one-third is paid on signing.  (I'm also told, that she may have rushed into the deal in order to get money to pay off Levi and his family in return for a commitment to not talk about anything to do with the Palin family, special note was made emphasizing the Johnston's may have something to do with the question of parentage of Trig.)

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