As Alaska Turns…The Newest Palin Rumor


This just floated in from the halls of Juneau…

…since Palin has already appointed Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt as the 3rd in line, she is planning on announcing (Lt. Governor) Sean Parnell for AG and Joe will be Lt. Gov….That may fall under things you already know…but thought it worth the pass off…

Wow. I ran this past a few people fresh from session and they said it was definitely floating out there.

Captain Zero for AG!

For all the buttons worn by both Republican and Democratic legislators that say “Where’s Sarah?” there should be billboards asking “Where’s Sean?”

During the Governor’s unholy campaign for VP, Sean Parnell, the current Governor Light, was MIA. I called his office often and would be told he was on a plane. I’m quite sure it took off at 8a.m. and circled until 5p.m.

Joe Schmidt? While serving as Department of Corrections Chief, he had a vote of no confidence from the Alaska Correctional Officers Association (ACOA) last April. It was the first time such a vote had ever come up with “No Confidence.” ACOA alleged Schmidt had cut positions to dangerously low levels in the prisons and covered up medical issues in the jails. Specifically, the spread of a contagious bacterial infection, MRSA, among prisoners and even guards. Neat guy to work for.

Another possibility? Joe and Sarah attended Wasilla High School together. Yes, another WHS alum appointment. This should make the reunions easier. Reminds me of Franci Havemeister’s appointment to the State Division of Agriculture. She cited her childhood love of cows as one of her qualifications for running the roughly $2 million agency. I think it actually may have been her Wasilla Warrior status.

Another possibility? Joe and Sarah went to Wasilla High School together. Celtic Diva’s sources report Joe Schmidt has bragged they were sweeties…hmmm…AWKWARD!

Sean Parnell as AG? Well, how will he handle State issues with the oil companies? He did work for Conoco Phillips from 2000 to 2003. What about issues regarding the Governor? They are pretty tight. When it comes to laws the Governor is trying to pass like the Papa Pilgram Protection Act (Parental Consent for Abortion), is he going to protect the rights of privacy for young Alaskan women (2 last year) or will he call in the Uterus Police?

Lots of questions for a little, itty, bitty rumor….

shannyn moore

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  1. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 09:16:00

    Palin’s New Attorney General Pick – Caribou Ken?20 04 2009

    From the moment Sarah Palin got dubbed “Caribou Barbie” back in September of ‘08, I have thought of Lt. Governor Sean Parnell as “Caribou Ken”. Why not Todd as Caribou Ken? He’s too involved. Ken was never part of the action… He was just sort of a vague presence. Kind of a shadowy blonde sidekick that never really did much except sit in the passenger seat of the pink convertible “dream car” and smile. He has recently come out with his very own newsletter…I’ll have to dig it up and see what he’s been doing.
    But the latest rumors seem to indicate he’s under consideration for the vacant Attorney General position.
    I’ve only had two personal experiences with Sean Parnell. Once was in the governor’s office when Alaskans for Truth was delivering their petition with about 2000 signatures asking for the resignation of our then Attorney General Talis Colberg, for telling state employees that they didn’t have to comply with Legislative subpoenas in the Troopergate investigation. Ah, if the Palin administration had only listened then. Think of all the trouble it could have saved.
    During the petition delivery, the governor was out of state running for the office of Vice President of the United States. So nobody expected her to be around to accept the petition. So, the thought was, that the petitions should go to the Lt. Governor. Granted, he hadn’t been left in charge of the state or anything. The governor preferred to be a governor, a mom and a VP candidate all at once on the campaign trail, rather than to turn the state over to the “Governor Lite.”
    So while she was in Ohio, or somewhere, double fisting the Blackberries and waving to the adoring masses, Alaskans for Truth stood in her office with a big honking pile of signatures. When they asked for Sean Parnell, whom they had been told was in the office that day, he was announced to be “unavailable.” And so, in front of TV cameras and various other media, the petitions went to a spokesman, while everyone imagined Sean Parnell sitting in his office with the lights off, hugging his knees in the dark.
    My second experience was when the governor and her family returned to Alaska after the big fail in November. I stood outside for more hours than I care to remember, forbidden to leave by the Secret Service, and hemmed in the middle of a crowd of cheering, fawning, Palin fans. Some guy kept bumping into me, and I turned around to see Sean Parnell about 6 inches from my face. Just about this time, the woman over to my side recognized him and shrieked like a teenager (which she was definitely not), “Oh my God it’s Sean Parnell!! You’re even better looking in person!!! Can I get my picture with you??” I don’t think that Parnell expected this type of reaction any more than I did, and had I been still drinking my cup of hot chocolate, I probably would have sprayed the crowd, including the Lt. Governor.
    But, let’s assume that Parnell will be the next AG appointment. It’s bound to go better than the last pick, Wayne Anthony Ross, who went down in a giant ball of flame. But then, if Parnell gets confirmed, there’s a big hollow void in the office of the Lt. Governor. OK, that’s not the best analogy. There’s an even bigger, hollower void in the office of the Lt. Governor. Who might fill the void?
    Shannyn Moore speculates that it may be Joe Schmidt. Who is Joe Schmidt, other than “Joe the potential Lt. Governor? There’s a story. There’s always a story.

    While serving as Department of Corrections Chief, he had a vote of no confidence from the Alaska Correctional Officers Association (ACOA) last April. It was the first time such a vote had ever come up with “No Confidence.” ACOA alleged Schmidt had cut positions to dangerously low levels in the prisons and covered up medical issues in the jails. Specifically, the spread of a contagious bacterial infection, MRSA, among prisoners and even guards.
    But wait, there’s more. After the no confidence vote, Palin stood behind Schmidt and called him a “reformer“. And for those of you who were wagering, yes he graduated from Wasilla High School in 1984, where he played hockey.
    He shoots, he scores!
    Post Script –
    I was going to post the “official” portrait of Sean Parnell here, so I went to the state website to retrieve it. I noticed a link that said “Official Portraits – New!” So, I clicked. There were the two portraits of Palin and Parnell, and underneath…this warning:

    Authorization to use the official portraits must be obtainedfrom the Governor’s and/or Lt. Governor’s office BEFORE use by 3rd parties.
    They’re going to have a heck of a time hunting down all those 3rd parties who used those without permission. That official portrait of Palin is even the default avatar over at Team You-Know-Who….or so I hear.
    I thought this whole thing seemed a bit strange for a state executive branch – having a special page for official portraits, and not letting anyone use them. So I checked around a little to see what other governors were up to. I looked on the official state websites of New York, Illinois, Hawaii, Maine, Texas, Florida, Washington and California. None of the photos came with a warning, and the only one I could find that had a special ”official portrait” page seemed perfectly happy to let anyone use it. So, just ’cause I can, here’s the official portrait of Washington Governor Christine Gregoire.

    ~~~Christine Gregoire….just because I can.~~~


  2. liz
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 12:58:00

    You are so right when you say "this is good"!


  3. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 15:56:00

    Post above from… I like when Conservative and Liberal work together…It's about honesty and integrity in public office.


  4. xango_xango
    Apr 22, 2009 @ 14:18:00

    I like to stand in the middle of the teeter totter myself. I have a bird's eye view and listening ears.


  5. JBodine
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 18:49:00

    If all of this turns out to be untrue, will you issue an apology?


  6. skeptical
    Apr 26, 2009 @ 22:54:00

    I find it more than curious how commonly Sarah resorts to her pool of high school friends as appointees and staff. Most of us who have higher education degrees made friends and connections in college, and those are the friends we draw on for networking in our careers. Has anyone heard of Sarah appointing anyone who was a college classmate? Has anyone even heard from anyone who attended college with her? Now that we have all become aware of how untruthful she is, we should be skeptical of her academic credentials, as well. Especially since she married a man with only a high school degree and seems to not value education in her children. Did Track even graduate from high school? Bristol is a drop-out. Her former fiance (or is he actually her husband?) is a high school drop-out. Poor Piper has missed much of the school year at her mother's whim. Sarah does not seem like a woman who values education, or even has an education. I wonder what the college years of Sarah Heath were like, and whether she actually completed credits necessary for her degree. There is a story to all that transferring around among 5 schools — all those transcripts and credits to transfer. She would have met a lot of people at all those schools. And yet she reaches all the way back to high school and earlier to select people to surround and serve her. Does this not seem curious to others? Or is this not so unusual in Alaska?


  7. JBodine
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 07:02:00

    You can not be serious, you claim to have a higher education degree; in what gossip, smear, defame. Go back and read what you wrote. What is your aim; suck up to Sherry, be her cohort in evil; demonstrate your education was a waste on money.
    You can not improve your lot in life by tearing down others. If you think she has strayed from the true path, Pray for her return to it, be a positive.
    Guess you do not have children, think of what you would be rearing with a home filled with what you wrote.


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