Self destruction in ten, nine, eight, seven, six…..



A little more on the Narcissist thing. This is a condition covered in the DSMIV on Mental Health and Disease. I have been saying Sarah is mentally ill, as does many party leaders.

When the people in the US rejected her, it sent her into a tailspin. Now she’s facing challenges here in Alaska. She has to be loved and adored. It’s part of the disease. It’s her only goal in life. It isn’t about the job, it’s about only her and what she needs.

The only thing that matters to a narcissist is being loved and approved of. That’s it – nothing and no one matters but the individual. She is not mentally capable of being rational.

This goes way beyond the arrogant, self absorbed personality – it goes well beyond the mean high school girl.

If Palin continues to not get what she wants, she is going to get worse, her illness that is. A lot worse. And when she self destructs (she will destruct), the reality of her lies will hurt a lot of people and she won’t care.

The people she attracts are all fools. The Cult Mentality
Cults exist because of the frame of mind of the people who organize together. A cult is merely a group of people with a similar frame of mind, and similar beliefs, acting under false apprehensions.
The important distinction of a cult is that it is a particular form of religious worship, especially in reference to its external rites and ceremonies, in its worship or devotion to a particular person or thing. It automatically breaches the first commandment, in that an organisation formed by a person can claim loyalty of a person, over and beyond the truth that God lays down in the Bible It is now related to the distinctions between the forms adopted by a body of sycophants.
If she can't take care of her own family how the heck is she gonna take care of you and yours?
Her illness is her personality. Unfortunately she won’t seek help, no one will help her because she won’t allow it, she doesn’t have the self realization that she is deeply ill and so everyone else will have to deal with the outcome.

And there will be an outcome. And it won’t be pretty.

Self destruction in ten, nine, eight, seven, six…..

adapted from post by basheert

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