Blasting Palin

by The Associated Press
Monday, April 13, 2009

Alaska Democrats today accused Republican Gov. Sarah Palin of abdicating her duties with her decision to travel outside the state this week as the Legislature's session winds down.


She is putting her national political ambitions ahead of the needs of Alaska," Alaska Democrat Party Chairwoman Patti Higgins said at a news conference.

The Legislature must conclude its work by Sunday, with the federal stimulus package and the capital budget yet to be approved. Palin is scheduled to leave the state this week to attend a right-to-life fundraiser Thursday in Indiana.

"Where is Sarah Palin? She is going to be halfway across the country, she's at a right-to-life fundraiser and another event," Higgins said. "We need a full-time governor who is thinking about our issues all the time, who is working and negotiating with the legislators and getting the job done we need done."

Palin's office did not have immediate comment Monday.

Palin will be attending the Vanderburgh County Right to Life dinner in Evansville, Ind., on Thursday and a breakfast the following day with members of S.M.I.L.E., a nonprofit support organization for people with family members who have Down syndrome.

Palin's 10-month-old son, Trig, was born with the condition, which is caused by an extra chromosome and characterized by mental retardation of varying degrees.

Palin, the former GOP vice presidential candidate, has not ruled out a presidential run in 2012. She also has not indicated whether she will seek re-election next year.

Palin and lawmakers have been at odds over whether to accept some $930 million in federal stimulus funding. Palin has contended the funding would create a burden on the state down the road by creating programs the state would have to fund once the federal money runs dry.

House Finance Committee co-Chairman Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, has said he had similar concerns when the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was enacted by Congress in February. But in studying the measure, he came to a different conclusion and said there doesn't appear to be the strings attached that Palin has warned about.

Lawmakers have indicated they will seek all federal money available under the stimulus package, but Palin has veto power.

"This is our state, and it's our economy, and it's our jobs and it's our future and it's our children, and you're leaving everything on the table," Higgins said.

"We don't know if she doesn't just understand it or if she's trying to play games," Higgins said.

Lawmakers also have to pass the capital budget before Sunday. Palin had submitted a $2.2 billion budget, but lawmakers last week lopped $500 million off her proposal.


"Republican or Democrat, why would any politician leave the state in the middle of a legislature session to attend a political fund raiser and/or to speak to anyone other than constituents? The fact that there are only days left in session, and so many issues still at stake, only magnifies the governor's obvious incompetece and blatent disregard for Alaskan resident's best interest. Instead, she continues to put her national ambitions ahead of her responsibility as a mother or governor.

This isn't nor should it be an issue delineated along Party lines. As an Alaskan we're faced with momentous decisions that must be made immediately. It is the primary job of the Governor to facilitate those decisions. And she is abdicating that responsibility to Alaska in order to play into her fantasy of furthering her political ambitions. It is indefensible." I hope and pray that a R E C A L L is about to happen…. Alaskans WAKE UP!.

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