From People Magazine… March

From People Magazine… March

Tom Whitstine Jr., a longtime co-worker of Todd's, believes the Palins have also opposed the Bristol-Levi romance, at least in the past. Last year her parents sent her to Anchorage to do her junior year of high school and live with Sarah's sister Heather Bruce. "Basically, they were trying to limit her contact with Levi, trying to be good parents," says Whitstine. "The method didn't work out. Now he's part of Tripp's family forever."


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Yep, that's my husband, he did give the Palin's credit for trying to do something for their strong-willed teenager Bristol. However, their method didn't work out.

Lorenzo Benet took what he wanted from the interview and presented it the way he wanted it to be perceived. He's a talented and experienced writer, that's how it's done. 

His book 'Trail Blazer is pro Palin, an intimate portrait. Heather Bruce, Sarah's sister came to me in August because it was my name out there on the blogs to blame for this information being revealed. By the time Heather showed up denying everything, I personally had seen Bristol a couple times very pregnant, so their denial was for naught. It was common knowledge that Bristol was in trouble in Juneau. The authors of this story in People Magazine left out the main reasons why Bristol was sent away. There were many issues on 'why' the Palin's may have sent her away discussed when interviewed. The established understanding, which is not unlike any teen dealing with being taken out of their community, she was rebelling, she just wanted to be in Wasilla with her friends and BF Levi Johnston.  Bristol Palin wasn't doing well in school, she was a party girl, and was becoming increasingly out of conrol, also an embarrassment for her parents. 

So she was sent to Anchorage to live with family, (they tried, I suppose). Tom obviously had no intention to suggest it was exclusively to limit her contact from Levi Johnston, there were so many reasons. Levi didn't live in Juneau, so sending her away from Juneau doesn't make sense. Perhaps they had contact by phone, but, it's clear Levi had little contact physically with Bristol except when she would be in Wasilla. Wasilla trips did occur more than we might have suspected. ( FACT ..Palin charged 312 days per diem during her 19 months in office while staying at home in Wasilla.)  Than as we hear when Bristol moved back to Wasilla, which could have been sometime just before Levi in interview said, after she was already pregnant he and Bristol where given a room to share in the Palin home. 

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