The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXVIII

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXVIII: Meeting The Legislature
The special charm of Sarah Palin's congenital lying habit lies in the triviality of the usual matters at hand. Yes, her life is a Judge Judy episode – except she's not as good a liar as most of the participants in that show. So long ago, she insisted that she had not fired a librarian as mayor, even as he had her termination letter in hand. Or she insisted that she asked her daughters for permission to run for vice-president, even though her own office put out an itinerary and press release that proved that didn't happen. And so she still claims she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere, even though no sane person with access to Google believes her. And she kept saying she had provided medical records, when she never did. And on and on and on … But the most amusing are the ones where the lies get really complicated really quickly, like a Ricky Gervais skit. So she said she wouldn't take all the federal stimulus money, then said she would, then said she'd never said she wouldn't. Still with me? So she scheduled a meeting with the legislature. Or did she? Let's break this one down, shall we? From the ADN:
[The issue] boiled over when Palin sen t a statement to the press blaming the Legislature for the meeting falling apart. "Governor Sarah Palin was scheduled to participate telephonically in a meeting with legislative leadership today when legislative leaders cancelled the meeting to host their own press conference," it said.
The Senate president and House speaker said that is not true.
They did hold a press conference Thursday afternoon to announce a clearinghouse for people to find information about applying for stimulus grants. But they said that had nothing to do with the cancellation of their meeting with Palin.
Legislative staff said that Jerry Gallagher, the governor's legislative director, had told them Wednesday that Palin wouldn't even participate by phone. Gallagher contacted them again late Thursday morning and said Palin was available by phone but by that point the meeting had been canceled and it was too late, according to the speaker's office.
The iconic quote in the piece, the quote that tells you all you need to know about this politician:
Senate President Gary Stevens said the statement Palin sent to the press about what happened was "absolutely false, absolutely false." "Someone should be brought to task on that," the Kodiak Republican said.
Good luck with that.

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JBodine
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 21:19:00

    No lies in your piece, just spin on events to make your point, mostly by accepting the word of others. But of course they wouldn't lie, after all, only the Governor lies. Everyone else is as clean as the driven snow. There can never be a case of miscommunication, or politics, just lies of the Governor, or the Governor's Staff.
    Guess we know why. You are such a coward and will not even run for Mayor of Wasilla. Heaven forbid you may actually have to take a public position and be accountable. It is so much more rewarding to be a blantant rebeller of God's Word and hide in the bushes and gossip.


  2. JBodine
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 09:21:00

    "And so she still claims she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere". See what the Alaska Democratic Party said about the bridge and who killed it. It is not about who is for it or is opposed to it, who killed it?
    Sarah Palin did make positive statements about getting money for the bridge (10/26/06). When the cost ballooned from $223 million to over $400 million she put a stop to it. As for the money. . There is zero evidence that the $223 million that was removed from the earmark process made it to Alaska. This is just common sense in that if the money is removed, it is removed and it is just sloppy journalism for the main stream media to confuse the two.All in all there was no flip-flop. She originally stated, when running for governor that she was concerned about possible cost increases (the state would have had to cover the overruns). When the cost increases materialized, she killed it. The earmark main earmark money never came to Alaska and the money that did come was from an earlier earmark from before she became governor. Both Obama and Biden voted unanimously for the Bridge and 223 million earmark.
    Above from the comments to the Article with the full discussion of the bridge, Looks like Sherry failed to use Google before posting a lie. Check it out.


  3. JBodine
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 09:48:00

    The link "Check it out" seems to be broken, so try this one.


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