Blast from the Past- Gee, I wish she’d take her own advice

Palin Calls for Stevens to Step Down

There she goes again, pointing a finger while there are three pointing back at her. A little blast from the past, as the Guv – her quote Wednesday was "Senator Stevens deserves to be very happy today. What a horrible thing he has endured. The blatant attempts by adversaries to destroy one’s reputation, career and finances are an abuse of our well-guarded process and violate our God-given rights afforded in the Constitution."

October 28, 2008 12:37 PM

In an interview recorded this morning for CNBC, set to air at closing bell of the market today, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin calls for Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, to step down.

"A sad day for Alaska yesterday when he was found guilty of seven felonies," she says. "But — and now he needs to do the right thing, and the right thing is, as he's proclaiming his innocence and proclaiming, too, that he will go through the appellate process, OK, then he needs to step down and allow our state to elect someone who will be supportive of those ideals of America: the free enterprise, the missions that we're on, to win the war, those things that have got to take place in order to progress this country. Ted Stevens has got to play a very statesmanlike role in this now."

— jpt

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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ken
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 15:52:00

    the guy got him self in trouble for pushing that bridge to no where he's out of touch with this country.. he does need to step down and he can run over to chicago and talk some sense to burris


  2. JBodine
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 16:36:00

    Cut and Paste Queen of the Great White North has cut and pasted again. True demonstration of intellectual prowess. It is so easy to sit on the sidelines behind the bushes and take cheap shots at people. Whinning that others should be subject to their vision on accountabliity, all the while hiding from that same vision of accountability.
    Senator Stevens was convicted in a Court of Law by a jury. Should Governor Palin have called on Senator Stevens to resign, don't know or care.
    The corruption of the justice Dept. and what it wrought on Senator Stevens is not a surprise to me. Should Governor Palin have issued the statement that she issued on the subject, absolutely. The use of Government to smear or destroy an adversary is the height of corruption. This is something that Governor Palin is acutely aware of. To wit: what you call troopergate. The legislative investigation was a political hit job and you know it. This is an issue I have tried to discuss with you, the facts of which you run from like your hair is on fire. The truth destroys your rants and you want to avoid that at all costs as your syncophants just might discover you are an empty dress without the courage to engage in a factual discussion on any subject.


  3. Vivacious_Vixen
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 19:50:00

    Syrin, I'm going insane here. Why aren't any of the people who are calling for Begich to resign paying attention to the most important part of this? Prosecutors got away with mismanaging the case and not turning critical pieces of evidence in to the defense. I agree that Ted is probably guilty of a few things (no one has said that here) but the paper is focusing on Ted losing the race over this. Average people have to plea bargain to anything the feds accuse them of and so much evidence never makes it to the jury. This is wrong. Do you think that this will get addressed or will all the hype be on A Powerful Man loosing his seat and nothing else will happen? Lawyers don't sanction or punish their own.


  4. JBodine
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 20:20:00

    Hey, I knew you were capable, you presented a reasoned comment. The call by Randy Reudich for Senator Begich to resign is politics. That is what politicians do, don't pay any attention to it no-one expects him to resign, this is setting the table for '14.
    You are right on the main point, people in Alaska should be outraged by what the Feds did, and insist the prosecuiters who violated their oaths of office are prosecuited for their acts. Now, where does Senator Stevens go to get his reputation back. Governor Palin issues a nice statement on this.
    I personally have no problem with a lot of the infrastructure pork he got for the state. As long as the Feds are going to hamstring Alaska. Alaska is entitled to all it can get.


  5. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 20:57:00

    Insane is Palin concurs… These people talk out of both sides of their mouth..What is truely insane is the party chairman, Randy Ruedrich, said that the only reason Begich won his race was because "a few thousand Alaskans thought that Senator Stevens was guilty of seven felonies." And than said that he thought Begich should step down "so Alaskans may have the chance to vote for a senator without the improper influence of the corrupt Department of Justice."
    First, Ruedrich has devestated the Party of Lincoln in the state of Alaska. He is very disingenuous in his intentions for the party. If he had integrity he instead could have called for those prosecutors to be held accountable and point out the injustice done, but than he would have to admit that it was a Republican DOJ.
    Nobody seems to remember that the DOJ was under a Republican president when filed against Senator Ted, which is confusing. Why is Begich held responsible for those few thousand votes. They voted for him nobody forced them to vote. The whole case was a joke from evidence being withheld to the juror going to Cali for a horse race. This move by Ruedrich is sophmoric, accomplishes nothing, provides no resolution. Besides, is this what the Senator whats? I haven't seen a statement from him concerning this.


  6. JBodine
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 21:15:00

    Well, nice to see you can put a couple of sentences of your own together.
    Just because the charges were brought under a Republican President, does't matter, other than that the appointed proseciuters who are at will employees, the rest are career federal employees, those that were behind these charges are such, It does not matter who the President is. Career people do what they can to get that notch in their belt for their resume. They don't care about the truth just advancement.
    If you don't want Ruedrich as Chairman, you should have joined in and helped Sarah replace him, she tried. As you are a Republican no more, really what is it to you anyway. What are you pro Begich, I'm sure if he could Senator Stevens would gladly take his seat back. He knows that is not going to happen. I would like to know where Senator Stevens goes to get his honor back.
    'These people talk out of both sides of their mouth". This is politics, you evidently don't understand it, guess that is why you prefer to be sideline sniper, too much over your head. Simple, this is setting the table for 2014.


  7. BS
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 21:50:00

    jethro – why don't you just go back to the pro-palin sites and leave us alone? By the way – do you live in Alaska? If not, why do you care? If so, why are you so blind? Get a grip man.


  8. JBodine
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 22:17:00

    Hey, what does BS stand for, is the standard thinking right for you. Where have you been, I thought you ran away from the last posting. It is easy to see you also have a short attention span and have been deprived of a normal High School Level education. What did you do, drop out.
    My name is not jethro, it is James, I'm not afraid to use my name, I see you are afraid to use yours, sideline sniper hiding in the bushes.
    Name a pro-palin site, I dare you.
    Leave us alone, who is us? Bet your brain is to empty to answer that.
    No, I do not live in Alaska, do you?
    Why do I care, why shouldn't I care. I see this destructive obsession here and I fear for your mental well being, being compassionate and all myself.
    Why am I so blind, because I have cancer in my eye, thanks for being concerned.
    Yes, I am a man, and I have a pretty good grip even though I am getting old.


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