News- Palin’s Supreme Court pick divides Team Sarah


Gov. Sarah Palin's appointment of Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen, a former Planned Parenthood board member, to the Alaska Supreme Court has divided members of the TeamSarah, resulting in some threatening to quit fighting for seemingly Gov. Palin's vision.

Here is a statement from Team Sarah co-founders Marjorie Dannenfelser and Jane Abraham, about Palin's choice of Christen.

Like many pro-life Americans across the country, we were disappointed to learn that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin chose a former Planned Parenthood board member to serve on the Alaska State Supreme Court. We understand Alaska's unique selection process limited her choices, and that in this case, she was limited to two bad choices.

We know that Governor Palin is pro-life. In addition to her personal pro-life witness, she counts pro-life suffragette Susan B. Anthony among her heroes. That said, we assume this was a very difficult decision for her, but we wish she would have made a different one.

This choice of Morgan Christen to serve on Alaska's Supreme Court may very well create a tough situation for Palin down the road. The long-term difficulty that she may be faced with is a Supreme Court decision that undercuts her own support for Alaska's parental notice measure. That result would be a very disappointing outcome for Alaska parents.

This statement has caused tension on Team Sarah's website. On the group's blogs and forums, members have threatened to quit Team Sarah and others have claimed to have actually have done so. On another pro-Palin site, conservatives4palin, a writer calls the statement a "head-scratcher."

"Well, it seems as if Dannenfelser and Abraham contradict themselves here," writes. "First they acknowledge that Palin had to select out of two 'bad' choices, but then they say that they wanted her to make a 'different decision.' I'm sorry, I like Team Sarah, but I just don't understand what they are talking about."

On a Team Sarah blog, a member wrote an alternative version of the statement, which reads:

Team Sarah was disappointed to learn that Governor Sarah Palin's choice for the Supreme Court of Alaska, Morgan Christen, is a former board member for Planned Parenthood. The governor was restricted by Alaska law to two choices, neither of which were ideal. Regrettably, neither candidate shares the governor's pro-life views. In choosing Christen, Palin necessarily made her selection on the basis of legal qualification, judicial temperament and overall fitness for this distinguished position. We recognize the governor's difficulty in making such a decision, even as we wish there had been pro-life candidates from which to choose. Team Sarah will continue to work to advance the values Governor Palin holds in the political process and which we share.


The only problem I see, is that Sarah Palin has No vision, but to be admired and desired. Sarah has no core values, she has advanced nothing but abusive behavior while in office, an uneducated opinion and been shown to be unethical in the political process. I don't have a clue what these people, SarahPac see in this fraud. Say NO to Valley Trash…..IMPEACH PALIN!

Article II, Section 20, of the Alaska Constitution does not identify
the grounds for impeachment. Instead, Alaska Legislature is to decide
the grounds. Palin has committed malfeasance in the performance of her
official duties by intentionally violating a statute, or intentionally
encouraging others to do so, as the justices of the Alaska Supreme
Court, the 'executive' should be impeached!!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helen
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 22:58:00

    thanks for wading through their stuff to give me the reports on it – truly an act of selfless giving on your part! It is appreciated.


  2. JBodine
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 14:19:00

    Let's see, plenty of info on others, what does that got to with the Governor. Your statement "Palin has committed malfeasance in the performance of her official duties by intentionally violating a statute, OR INTENTIONALLY ENCOURAGING OTHER TO DO SO. You give a choice, which is it, or most likely your fantasy. NAME THE STATUTE.


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