Don’t Shoot the Messengers!

I would like to clarify ….. The articles that are found on this blog are presented and than reiterated with personal commentary. The trackback links are provided from the original source. Please make it a habit to READ MORE

I'm happy to promote all of those who have a thoughtful, honest opinion and commentary on Alaskan issues. Interesting and truthful content is essential! Bloggers who write on the unethical and incompetent behavior of our elected officials are to be honored not called 'haters' by those who we elected.

I'm as conservative as you will ever find, but I witnessed that the Republican Party has changed the definition of what conservative is as applied to candidates. I want to present other views from many ideological reference points. Because to Alaskans and Americans, it is honesty and integrity in a politician that far outweighs the promotion of a particular policy. I scan the web for local commentary on issues and national news items that may or may not express my exact opinion, however, still viable to illustrate the point that I want to make.

Not to assail verbally or to discuss repeatedly or at length; or harp on:  I don't want to belabor the point, but, how this woman is governing is important and is being written about with the understanding that a buffoon such as Sarah Palin is actively pursuing to be the President of the United States of America. Let me clarify my position, Palin rightfully lost as the possible VP based on her utter lack of integrity and competence in government and policy. The Republican Party promoted this woman in spite of the fact that she's woefully ignorant and dishonest. 

As a siren, I'm just sending a warning to my country and it’s people who are blinded by the shear arrogance of one so inadequate to serve anyone but herself. We deserve to know the truth about a individual and hold them accountable in all sectors of life. Thank you to all my contributors. I would like to think for overall news on what Sarah Palin is doing in the State of Alaska, that this blog provides the 'BEST of the WEB'. 


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