Skullduggery in the Alaska GOP – Birds are Singing!


Here’s the latest rumor on the Talis Colberg “resignation.”

If you believe the little birds that are twittering in Juneau and elsewhere, we’ve got one interesting behind closed doors deal between Sarah Palin, Senate President Gary Stevens, and House Minority Leader Mike Chenault.  It goes something like this.

Talis Colberg did not resign.  He WAS resigned by Palin.  (kerthunk…under the bus)

The Alaska Legislature and the governor can conveniently blame him for any and all wrongdoings in the Troopergate investigation, tie it up in a nice little bow, and transport it far far away from anyone with the last name Palin.

And in exchange for Stevens & Chenault ensuring that there is no further investigation of the Palins or their cohorts regarding the firing of Walt Monegan, the Branchflower Report, or the inconsistencies in the Petumenos report, what do they get from the governor?

In exchange, Stevens and Chenault will not receive vetoes to projects – yet to be named – in their districts.

So this Alaska GOP politics? Could it be Randy Reudrich, who helped broker the deal?  I wonder where Palin's Democrat allies stand on this? Here we have Mike Chennault (R), a Alaska legislator  together with Stevens (R) and Palin (R), both of whom are working together to hide the truth.

After you pry your chin off the desk, do contact your representatives in the house and senate and tell them what you think.

Phone calls are best.  And a shout out to the little birds who sound like they’re fed up.

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  1. JBodine
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 18:35:00

    What is it about the resignatin of Walt Monegan you do not understand. Prove to me he was fired. The record shows he tendered his resignation.
    Yea and he is so popular for his activities since he resigned that he did really well in that Ancorage Mayoral race didn't he.
    Branchflower Report: One man's opinion which no one but you and your sycophants believe.
    Petumenos report: The official determination of the issue. You just don't like it.
    Governor Palin has only appointed 1 member of the personel Board and she can not fire any of them. That's the law look it up.


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