The Great Depression of the North


There's an old saying about budgeting; truthful budgeting starts with being truthful about your budget.


The governor's so called 7% decrease is due to the fact that she is factoring in the $760 million dollars the state sent out as a one time resource rebate to all Alaskans, as part of the base operating budget.

The rebate which was $1,200 for each pfd recipient, was a one time appropriation. Using the one time payment in the base calculation of the budget for the purpose of falsely claiming you are cutting the operating budget is completely disingenuous.

Not only is the Palin administration falsely claiming that the budget will decrease general fund spending by 7%, they're spending money - this time $238 million from the Alaska Housing fund - but not accounting for it in their budget calculations.

In addition, on May 23, 2008 when Palin signed the fy2009 budget, her press release promised she'd cut an additional $20 million out of the fy2009 budget during the course of the year and deposit the savings into the Constitutional Budget Reserve.

But the truth is there has been no cuts proposed so far for the fy2009 budget, let alone the $20 million she promised. In fact, a quick glance at her fy2010 budget, shows the operating budget actually increasing by 4%.

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