To call a ‘Loser’ a loser. What are the odds?

This is the account of my face to face with Sarah Palin.

My daughter and I were in Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday visiting my family of whom one is my sister Laura Patis- Vinarsky, she graduated with Sarah from Wasilla High School. Returning home to Alaska Tuesday night we were waiting for the call to board, guess who was on the plane Tuesday Dec 2- Alaska Air from Chicago- of course Sarah was in first class thanks to the state of Alaska… She was led out of a secret room from across the Alaska Airline gate at O’Hare Airport. Me and my mouth grasped the moment as she walked passed. I saw she had nothing on her mind but adulation and admiration for herself. She certainly wasn’t bothered by the $39 and dropping barrel of oil, or the final blow by her signature in a $500M giveaway created specifically for a Canadian company.

I commented….. ‘There’s that Loser- Instead of flying around the nation avoiding accountibility it might be time to head back to Alaska… Don’t you think?’

Palin- steps back and says “excuse me” not knowing where the comment came from as of yet. You’re the loser, I repeated.

Sarah says again “Excuse me”

I said- Sarah there is no excuse you’re an incompetent elected official and you need to be held accountable.

Sarah than puts her hand out to me as she says “Oh Mrs. Whitstine.

Still in line to board, I declined to shake her hand and told her to move on. Sarah than walks a few feet in front at the gate as people started snapping pictures with their phone camera. Sarah’s case spins and falls, it hits a man in the leg. There was no apology to him as he handed it back. She stopped and turned back to say hello to my daughter by name and asked how she was doing as everyone was looking on. My 20 year old daughter, who is friends with Track Palin gave a sweet smile with a big thumbs up and a wink to indicate she’s just fine. Seeing that she is clearly there for attention and the fact we will now be late, I also added “People, Stop already. You’re feeding into her narcissism. If you leave her alone, maybe she’ll go away.”
I received nice acknowledgment from a few Alaskans- nothing negative.. There was a young man about 26-30 yrs that came up to me and commented.. ‘That was awesome- it takes guts and heart to confront her like that- she’ll remember it. I said the guts come easy- I know her… the heart not so much- I’m sick of the ignorance and folly and the unethical behavior by this governor seemingly with NO consequence. What are the odds to have the opportunity to confront this ignorant and transparent governor?

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  1. Rosemead Herald
    Dec 08, 2008 @ 14:56:00

    I see you are really mad about Sarah Palin's rise in the Republican party. You have you are a conservative but not a Republican. May I ask who you voted for as president and vice president?


  2. G!
    Dec 17, 2008 @ 05:13:00

    gusty never the less…
    and congratulations for not having elected her and Mr.McCain.
    cheerd from Portugal.


  3. Alaskan
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 02:59:00



  4. An Alaskan
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 18:57:35



  5. Mallard
    May 03, 2011 @ 16:04:34

    Sighren: You should be flattered that Sarah knew who you were and yet still wanted to shake your hand. Sounds like your daughter has more sense and a lot more manners that you do.

    BTW thanks. It’s “principled” people like you that gave us Barack Obama. Nice job for a “conservative.”


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