Only Alaskans Care

Here is another example of dishonesty, hypocrisy, and incompetence coming from McCain/Pa_in campaign. McCain somehow received the questions for VP debate on 10/2. Sarah must be quite inadequate to make a strong performance. At the debate look for Sarah to be inconspicuous, you'll hardly notice when she reads the correct answers off her hand. Where is the honor in these people? So, Sarah debates up a storm, she's just a smiling, she uses her sarcastic attitude, but she answers all the questions smooth as silk. She even has real content, not just nonsense. SO WHAT! Does this one event pivot on whether she is competent or NOT? Will that make this women more credible? It has been painfully clear that Sarah has very little, useful knowledge. Will she boost America's confidence in the economy, energy situation, housing, jobs? SaRAH is soo exciting! Who cares what she says or what she knows? She's not running for vice president or anything. Oh yeah, she is…..


BTW Sarah Palin is still under investigation for "Abuse of Power" as the governor of Alaska. The McCain Camp is presently trying to do everything they can to have it and the state process discredited and dismissed.  

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