OK, Alaskans, this is it!

Sarah, you got some splainin to do.
Hey Sarah
No One is Above the Law

Organized by Alaskans for Truth

Saturday, September 27th from Noon until 2pm
Anchorage Park Strip
Downtown between I Street and L Street
by the Veterans' Memorial

Bring yourselves, your friends, your signs, and your moral outrage!   

Why this rally?
To demand that the Governor uphold her promise to Alaskans to cooperate with the investigation set in place by the Legislative council, to demand the immediate resignation of the Attorney General Talis Colberg, who illegally told state employees to ignore subpoenas, and to demand that the McCain campaign remove their lawyers from their unlawful intrusion into the Alaska Department of Law. 

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  1. Inside_Passage
    Sep 26, 2008 @ 08:24:00

    Moral outrage? You're joking, right? This is nothing but politics at its worst, using an ethics incident as a cover for campaigning, probably all at the expense of the taxpayer. That is quite literally the worst they can do here – decide that she was guilty of overstepping and that she somehow crossed an ethical line. Yet we're supposed to believe that this is some great moral outrage, made worse by her refusal to uphold her word when the people she gave it to aren't upholding their end of the bargain?This investigation, everything about it, and everyone involved, should be considered an embarassment to Alaska. Yes, I'm including the "morally outraged" protesters in that.


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