This week, the off Broadway show “The Truth Squad”


Palin's hypocrisy with the personnel board

There is the old saying that goes like this; where you stand, depends on where you are standing. In the case of Governor Sarah Palin, nothing could be more truthful.

This week, the off Broadway show "The Truth Squad", featuring Palin's former press spokesperson Meg Stapleton and attorney Ed O'Callaghan, who flew in from New York to play the lead role of the prince of darkness, proudly stated that Palin would cooperate with the investigation after all.

Hooray…finally, the openness and transparency she promised.

Just one catch…ahhh several catches actually; in order for Palin to cooperate it must be a process managed by people she controls….a process that grants complete secrecy….a process that can be dismissed if Palin simply refuses to cooperate…a process that can drag on for up to two years.

Thanks truth squad; this really is an arms length investigation. I feel much better knowing that of all things, its been announced as a fair and non partisan investigation by two political hacks at a partisan political press conference.

But what strikes me as classic Palin hypocrisy is that she's already traveled down this road three years ago and had nothing but complaints about the process and the end results.

In December of 2004, Palin along with Democrat State Representative Eric Croft filed a complaint with the personnel board against former attorney general Greg Renkes for possible ethics violations for insider trading.

On December 11, Palin stated the need for quick resolution. "It would be in the public's best interest to have this addressed sooner rather than later, before the legislative session gets started. Lawmakers want to be able to concentrate on the people's business," Palin said.

Four months later, after Renkes resigned, Palin dropped her complaint but remained critical of the personnel board process. 

In a March 9, 2005 story in the Anchorage Daily News, Paula Dobbyns wrote, (Palin) "said it's more important that the investigative file be released, something that could not happen as long as the secrecy-cloaked personnel board was involved."

"It's important to get these documents made public so Alaskans can make their own judgments," Palin said. She went on to say that she hoped that the e-mails will surface, and that the release of Renkes' and former Governor Frank Murkowski's depositions, with the rest of the investigative file, will resolve any lingering questions.

A few days later, Palin was back in the press criticizing the process of the investigation and accusing the governor's office of pressuring the personnel board to say explicitly that former Governor Murkowski had not violated ethics act procedures.

So lets review.

Three years ago Palin files a complaint with the personnel board.

She demands timely resolution, she demands full disclosure and then when it's all said and done she accuses the executive branch of manipulating the board's findings.

How richly ironic.

You would think Palin would apply the same sense of urgency and demands to the current investigation instead of allowing surrogates to delay and distract, but apparently not so. In fact, Palin abandoned any willingness to address this sooner rather than later the day she was chosen by John McCain to be his running mate.

To McCain, his only concern in keeping this situation under wraps until November 4. It's arguably one of the reasons why Palin has been sequestered from the press, in order to avoid those uncomfortable questions like; "Hey governor, when did you decide the legislatures investigation was unlawful and unconstitutional; before or after Ed O'Callaghan got off the plane from New York?"

Palin is walking a tight line. If Palin loses in November, does anyone honestly think that Stapleton and O'Callaghan are going to stick around and continue their daily truth squad shtick?

Palin better have her gun loaded if she comes back in defeat, because she'll be thrown to the wolves faster than you can say Vice President Biden.

The Palin Truth Squad: where War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength & Transparency is a Stone Wall.

1 Timothy 4:2, "Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;"


Anchorage Daily News archives on the Renkes complaint: 

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