Breaking….. Back in Wasilla


Back in Wasilla, Frank Bailey an appointee - sycophant for the governor is on paid administrative leave for pressuring a officer in a recorded conversation. It's mentioned in the recording that Bailey had access to Trooper Wooten's personal workman's compensation injury files. These files are high confidential to be handled by an appointee. Do you think an appointee should take the fall for the executive in charge?

That same Frank Bailey was noted to have been at a local internet/ computer shop in the last week soliciting work on a project for the state. Really? My source here in Wasilla said, that Bailey is consulting with a tech on a state project in Wasilla. Bailey has been working as an unauthorized party on the creation of personal email accounts for Sarah's government appointees and staff employees. He's been doing this since he's been released from his government duties as Palin's director of boards and commissions.

Sources also say he's inquired about space on a separate server. Could it be for documents? This is my state government! Sarah in nineteen months has made a mockery of the protocol, the process and integrity of the state of Alaska and those good people who have endured to keep it running.

You cheer Sarah and John McCain on as you invite them to do the same to the nation. Wait… I'm being told as a Republican Conservative to vote for this man? He obviously didn't care about substance and accountability in government when he chose Sarah Palin of Wasilla, Alaska.   Outrageous! 

Below is one of many emails that show the deceptive way this administration ran government. I'll have more on what has been discussed on state's time by email correspondence. Ivy Frye and Todd Palin, Frank Bailey and the cast of characters are all cc on most of the emails. The emails were a Freedom of Information Act request put in by two different sources. Being redacted (content blacked out) was the first surprise.


This is one of the few that were not recieved redacted (blacked out)



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