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Palin to Be Investigated

This is bigger than you think…

There she goes again. Palin screws up, lies, and now blames Chuck Kopp. Let's look at the facts. July 11: Palin fires Walt Monegan. July 14: Palin announces selection of Chuck Kopp as new commissioner. July 16: Palin says she knew of the sexual harassment accusation before she picked Kopp, her spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said. Leighow says Palin LOOKED INTO IT AND FOUND IT TO BE "UNSUBSTANTIATED." The governor still supports Kopp, Leighow said. (How can Sharon Leighow keep up these lies?)

The governor later claims the complaint was "baseless." July 23: Kopp admits there had been a complaint, and it had resulted in a letter of reprimand that was removed from his file after 2 years. July 24: Palin claims she didn't know about the sexual harassment complaint resulting in a letter of reprimand. Kopp says that when he was asked on July 11 to become commissioner, he was asked a "series of problem-solving questions" by "someone on the governor's staff " and the issue of the complaint never came up.

This is no longer about Kopp, who may very well be a decent person, and a good law enforcement professional who happens to not be media savvy, especially when he is dragged unwittingly into a controversy by someone who- until now- had been a master of media manipulation. This is about Sarah (and Todd) Palin. The Palins fired Monegan, and rushed to hire a replacement. Apparently the governor did not use a normal vetting process.

Remember- she was in Philadelphia making a last=ditch attempt to be McCain's running mate.

Anyone with any common sense, intelligence and experience knows that one basic premise of vetting is to find out if there are any skeletons in the closet. This apparently was not done. If it had been, Palin and Kopp could have announced there had been a complaint, Kopp had received some discipline, had learned from the incident, etc. etc..

Instead, we have:

1. A governor who has again lied to the people of Alaska. On July 16, Sharon Leighow said the governor had looked into the complaint and found it to be "unsubstantiated" and "baseless." This was a false statement. Either the governor never looked into the complaint, or she did and lied about it. Sharon Leighow, if she has any professional self-respect left, should resign immediately for spreading this falsehood. Now the governor says she had no idea that Kopp had been reprimanded, and is preparing to throw him under the bus with Walt Monegan to cover up her ineptness. Shame on you, Sarah (and Todd) Palin.

2. Kopp says that when he was asked on July 11 to become commissioner, he was asked a "series of problem-solving questions" by "someone on the governor's staff " Who is the person who asked him some "problem solving questions," but did not perform Vetting 101. He (or she) should be fired for incompetence. Legislators, please add that to the list of questions for the investigator.

3. Kopp and his family are now a victim of the Palin family vendetta against Wooten and Monegan. I feel bad for them, as Chuck was doing his best to provide a critical public service for the state. He probably still could, if Palin had not decided to throw him under the bus. He just didn't understand that he was dealing with a pack of liars, jackals and syncophants when he was offered a job. Bottom line: The Palin regime is continuing the coverup.

Before long, we will know the facts when these people are put under oath and start pointing fingers at each other. More heads will roll. Thank you, Sarah and Todd, for telling us what the "new direction" really is.

Sarah Palin will have some questions to answer under oath along with her husband and many staffers. She will not step down that seems evident. So as the investigation insues and the emails, text messages and the testimony shows that sarah Palin did indeed use her office to benefit her vendetta. She used her office to threaten others and to show favor to friends and family. I find Sarah Palin GUILTY of "Abuse of Executive Power" Resign Immediately!


I know as bloggers, that you have a pulse on everything happening in this great land of ours. However, just to keep you updated on the extreme liberal antics that are going on up here in Alaska. This inept governor Sarah Palin has a high approval from the un educated, sound bite crowd for terrorizing and taxing private industry, growing government. She has continued giving every special interest group just what they want or more. Sarah has created an atmosphere of hate and discontent in the state of Alaska between the people and the legislators. She continues with baseless accusations and directs negative media towards the Alaska House and Senate Members. She just recently tried to oust the Chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska. Side Note: The Lt Governor announced he was running against the Senior Republican Congressman. Sarah was voted in for being nothing more than a fresh face.

The fact that she has NO experience and NO credibility was not considered in the debate. We are now reaping the consequences of electing someone quite incompetent to do this job. Note: Don't Blame Me- I Didn't Vote for Her. First time in my life, since 1980, that I did not vote for a Republican. Perhaps, to be hot to some a compliment, for Sarah it is her idenity. However, looks do fade, but how you conduct your life remains. But really, she has no content no value, no valid experience and no interest but her known. The only "hot" Sarah is, is a "HOT MESS". Sarah is a disaster! She is over her head in life, let alone in a national political position. Check Out the parody songs about Sarah. I can use some PR to save my nation from this fraud. Syrin

Please check out and for updated details of her inept leadership and unreasonable hatred for private business.

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  1. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 15, 2008 @ 16:59:00

    Such e-mailing, Ramras said, is “totally political – this is called lobbying and SPAM.”

    Getting HB 111 passed is a Palin priority. It has cleared the House but not the Senate with only two days left in the session.
    So Thursday, the administration e-mailed “A Special Message from Governor Palin” to Alaskans saying HB 111 was stalled in the Senate Finance Committee and people should contact lawmakers in Juneau. The e-mail included a list of all 20 senators with their telephone numbers.
    Her note, which features Palin’s smiling picture and the state seal, says “the fee increase has caused a hardship for those who are helping grow our economy, especially people who operate home-based and part-time businesses.”
    So, how many of these e-mails went out, and who got one?
    I put my questions to Palin spokeswoman Sharon Leighow, who sent me this note:
    “The special message went out to an email group of 22,940. The message went to a business license holder email group. The list was originated through DCCED Business Licensing section.”
    The way I read that, the Palin administration tapped a Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development database for the addresses. State Policy Regarding Personal Use of State Office Technologies form upon taking office. The state employee directory Advanced Search feature on the state's website includes the following: SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED IS THE USE OF THESE PUBLICALLY OWNED COMPUTING RESOURCES TO DISTRIBUTE BULK EMAIL FOR PROFIT OR FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES. It speaks to intent for all state owned computing resource. Also, Palin has compromised the integrity of state owned computer resources that includes personal information. Prohibited uses in the State Policy Regarding Personal Use of State Office Technologies:Use for fund raising, political campaign activities, or public relations activities not specifically related to state government activities.Any activity which adversely affects the availability, confidentiality or integrity of any office technology.She's still in campaign mode as she tries to fulfill campaign promises to undue anything Murkowski did.


  2. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 16:45:00

    "Conflict of Interest"Todd Palin sought out a Pipeline Specialist and was soliciting for information about the extension of the Fuel Gas line from Pump Station #4 to Fairbanks. Has Todd been hired by the state? Does he have the experience and knowledge in this area? Could this be considered conspiring against his employer, which is BP? Would that be a conflict of interest? Does he have the authority to solicit on behalf of Alaska State Government? Should the First Dude be soliciting for information on any issue, especially oil/gas?
    The spouse of this governor has no authority to promote such a project for his wife's government or BP! Todd was probing for information about an extension of the Producers Fuel Gas line from Pump Station #4 to Fairbanks. Mr. Palin has no official gasline solicitor duty on behalf of Alaska. What is this administration doing, is it clear and transparent? Does this administration want to take credit again for a project already in the works? Here is the bad part on behalf of this government, Todd (title not yet determined) is so misguided, he thinks he can build this pipeline out of HDPE. Also, he seemed convinced the state will foot the $3.5 Billion it will cost. PHMSA will be looking into this unusual and safety deficient idea. That same Pipeline Specialist is also DOT/PHMSA
    read more


  3. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jun 14, 2008 @ 19:50:00

    Governor of Alaska is vindictive and hateful. Threatening call by a underling to private citizens. Sarah Palin (socialist) tried to oust the party chair at convention 2008. Sarah Palin
    sends out spam 22,400 email unsolicited to those who file for business license online. She was lobbying. She is not "taking a stand" for the parental rights bill or the anti abortion funding bill, no, to lower the business license from $100 to $25.


  4. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 17:04:00

    Sarah Palin and her husband along with several high ranking officials are being charged with unethical behavior/ mis-use of gov't power. She will be charged through the executive ethics act. A independent investigator will be called in by the legislators to start an investigation with subpoena power. They (Palin, Husband and Sarah's Family the Health) tried to ruin and have fired a Ak State Trooper, who happened to be Sarah's lil sister's ex husband. Submitted a unprecidented (35) unsubstantiated complaints against this man. This is vengence, vindetta, unlawful use of power. The stuff I've been talkin about to anyone who would listen. _CAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE YOUR VP- This is why I needed to get the word out to my country…It's personal yes, as an incompetent governor, Sarah has made it a public disgrace, as well as a unethical use of power. Oh Happy Days for honest true and conservative Alaskans….. Truth is back in style…..


  5. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 16:15:00

    Main Stream Media is finally talking about it.
    From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage —
    Lots of talk today among legislators about investigating whether fired public safety commissioner Walt Monegan was pressured by the Palin administration to get rid of trooper Mike Wooten, who was in a messy divorce with Palin's sister.
    Senate Judiciary chairman Hollis French said he spoke over the weekend with Senate President Lyda Green and other members of the Senate majority.
    "I'm fairly confident at this point that what we're going to see is the appointment of an independent investigator to make sure that politics is not involved into the inquiry into the Monegan firing and if it was motivated by the handling of the Wooten case or something else," French said today. "And a separate track into whether there were violations of the personnel act in certain members of the administration's handling of the Wooten case."
    French said he thinks a special investigator would be appointed within a week. Some legislators are talking about also having hearings right away on the Monegan firing. But French said he didn't think there would be immediate hearings. He said the Legislature has to focus on the gas pipeline and energy relief issues up now in the special session, and try to keep politics out of the Monegan issue.
    Things are more in flux in the state House. There's discussion in the House of both an investigator and hearings — and of what legislative committee would hold any hearings. Lawmakers were flying into Juneau today to resume the gas pipeline special session and the House majority hasn't made a decision on how to proceed.
    "I think everybody will be all over the place until we have a few days to be down here and get assembled," said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jay Ramras.


  6. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 18:22:00

    No allegations or conjecture
    Only the Truth…Doesn't sound so good does it? Well Alaska, that's what you get! Fools and incompetents making a mockery of the state government….question: Has Todd been hired by the state to work on soliciting on gas/oil projects? If ADN cared to run this true story of elitism, details abound……


  7. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 23:06:00

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — When Sarah Palin was elected governor as a Republican outsider in 2006, she didn't just take on an incumbent from her own party. She took on Alaska's Republican establishment.Ms. Palin vowed to clean up a long-cozy political system that had been sullied by an FBI corruption investigation. She endeared herself to Alaskans by making good on her reform promises and showing homey touches, like driving herself to work. Palin gets into an accident, not paying attention is my call.Now, one of the bright new stars in the Republican Party has suddenly become tarnished. The state legislature this week voted to hire an independent investigator to see whether Ms. Palin abused her office by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as an Alaska state trooper."This is a governor who was almost impervious to error," says Hollis French, a Democratic state senator. "Now she could face impeachment/recall, in a worst-case scenario."WARNING: This original article has been changed, the statement by Senator french and much more have been removed. The request came to the author by way of a Palinbot, lil' Jimmy Lottsfeldt. Request was given to change the whole scope of the article. This Is Shameful, Deceptive, and Bad Journalism… Read More in WSJ


    Sep 03, 2008 @ 07:52:00

    Mike Wooten is one of those wife beating cops who pulls women over and "let's them go for a BJ"… That is why there are issues with him and his wife.. Who just so happens to be the sister of Mrs. Palin.
    That's the story, that's the facts and you dems need to realize that you cannot beat the "Maverick-Bruiser" ticket with your "PotHead-Boozer" ticket.


  9. Syrin from Wasilla
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 15:52:00

    Palin's husband is called "First Dude" for a reason: He "confers with Cabinet officials" (h/t MindRayge), receives the governor's emails, uses the governor's office to discuss government business or policies with state officials, attends governor's meetings and operates as a conduit for lobbyists. While First Dude is not a state employee, Palin surrounds him with the trappings of executive office which creates the perception that his actions are cloaked with executive authority. Use First Dude to conduct meetings with state officials in the governor's office, and then claim no abuse of power because he is speaking solely as an individual. Send First Dude on a chartered junket by mining companies negotiating with Palin. The problem is government officials have legal and ethical responsibilities not required of private citizens. The continual hat changing from personal hubby to de facto executive allows Palin to evade complying with laws regulating conduct or transactions by First Dude on her behalf, thus allowing Palin to evade compliance with the law.

    Patriot Daily :: Palin's Unlawful Executive Shell Game

    Palin has created a limbo status for First Dude, who is not a government official, but rather has been cast in the role of a government official, much like an actor in Hollywood. Only this is real life and there are many laws regulating government conduct which do not technically apply to him because he is not a government official. This creates a disaster. It is hard enough for lawyers to figure out whether the myriad of laws apply to a given fact situation or to a particular person when people's roles are clearly defined. But, how do you determine which laws apply to First Dude when the law is triggered by having the status of a real government official? Does Palin get to pick and choose when, if and how this hybrid arrangement of sometimes First Dude and sometimes private citizen complies with the law?
    Here are some examples.
    First Dude is the reason conflict of interest law developed. First Dude joined state officials on "two mining trips" flying on "planes chartered by mining companies that want to dig for gold, zinc and lead in remote Alaska valleys." The companies paying for these flights are "in the early stages of a lengthy approval process" for open-pit gold mining on "Native-owned land." So, the mining industry paid for First Dude to visit the mining sites. Palin says no conflict of interest because she reported the cost of the flights in her financial disclosure forms as a gift to her. I'm not familiar with Alaskan conflict of interest and financial disclosure laws, but the laws impose requirements on public officials, not private citizens. My guess is Palin tried to meet the spirit of the law by reporting as a gift for her. However, it was her husband that received the gift, and he should be filing the financial disclosure, but he can't because private citizens are not regulated.
    In the Palin administration, companies do not have to hire lobbyists who need to comply with state law. Industry executives know to discuss policy issues with First Dude, who is now First Lobbyist:

    Tom Whitstine, a fellow Wasilla-based oil worker and friend, recalled raising concerns to Todd Palin about legislation that would impact the oil industry.
    "I talked to Todd sitting on the couch in his house there on Safari Lake, in April 2007," said Whitstine, who expresses disappointment with Palin's performance. "It's a known fact Todd was right there when those kind of policy decisions were being made."
    Said a Bristol Bay politician who asked not to be named: "He's someone you could call and get the lowdown."
    Yes, First Dude can give corporations the "lowdown" on government policies and much more because he is a de facto member of Palin's administration.
    First Dude attends the governor's meetings, including meetings with state legislators, such as House Majority Leader Ralph Samuels. The governor's office provides assurances that First Dude does not attend "high-level cabinet meetings."
    Of course, First Dude does not need to attend all meetings because Palin has authorized her husband, who is not a state employee, to be copied on executive emails. When questioned why First Dude is copied on executive emails, Palin's excuse is one of convenience common to married couples — and is also a response that does not answer the question posed:

    "As First Dude, the governor was telling me that, at their home in Wasilla, they are inundated with phone calls and e-mails to their personal accounts, and Todd does pass that information on to the governor. And vice versa. The governor works with a Blackberry and she forwards e-mails to Todd to print off because she likes to have a hard copy in front of her," Leighow said.
    I asked her about e-mails between Todd Palin and members of the governor's staff. Leighow replied in an e-mail "that it would not be uncommon for Todd to pass along information he receives on his personal e-mail account. It would also not be uncommon for him to pass along e-mails and become part of a string."
    It is one thing for a husband or First Dude to forward emails from a personal account on a home computer to his wife, the governor. If Sarah is forwarding government emails to First Dude to perform the hubby task of printing the email, well, that's why she has an executive administrative staff.
    It is quite another thing when First Dude is cced on emails sent by government officials to other government officials to discuss official government business, such as confidential emails regarding the Public Safety Employees Association, which is the union for state police officers and state troopers.
    A group of Alaskans filed a FOIA request to obtain emails from Palin, who responded by providing a 78-page list of 1100 emails that she refused to publicly disclose. Most of the nondisclosures were based on Palin invoking executive or deliberative process privilege which protects "communications between Palin and her aides about policy matters." Well, First Dude is a private citizen, not a government official entitled to be covered by executive privilege.
    Moreover, the subject lines of some of the nondisclosed emails indicate that Palin may have a different view of what constitutes official policy matters. There are emails "re Andrew Halcro," who is a former Republican who ran as an Independent against Palin in the 2006 Governor election and a blogger critic. Executive privilege was also applied to emails from the writer of a political gossip column and to emails regarding "Racism on the Radio."
    Information about First Dude's role provides new insight into troopergate. In that case, Palin fired Public Safety Commissioner Monegan, who stated that First Dude tried to pressure him to fire a state trooper. When troopergate broke, Palin pushed the meme that it was simply a family matter, not government abuse. Given the trooper was married to Palin's sister, some people nationwide who are not familiar with how Palin operates may buy that meme.
    But, now we learn that hubby is actually a defacto member of Governor Palin's staff, which is a fact that Alaskans would know at the time events occurred. First Dude aligned himself with staff functions: It was "members of the governor's staff and her husband, Todd Palin," who "called and questioned" Monegan about the state trooper and requested a "briefing" and "urged Monegan to reopen the Wooten case" in a meeting at the governor's office.
    Thus, when Todd tried to pressure Monegan into firing a state trooper, it was not simply a husband asking questions. Rather, it was First Dude asking for a briefing on a government matter while surrounded by the trappings of the governor's office. How many times when you are conducting a family matter do you use terminology, such as "briefing", which is associated with government? Do you ask your spouse to give you a briefing on your day at the office? Palin can't claim hubby was acting solely in a personal family matter involving her sister's divorce when First Dude is using government trappings to conduct that "family business."
    Bush likes to say that Palin has executive experience. Some attack her experience based on constituent size, which misses the point and may be insulting to people nationwide as belittling the significance of their lives. Even a small town sheriff may have valid experience. What counts is the nature of the work performed as executive and values, knowing that government is not a tool for family or political retaliation or evading compliance with the laws.


  10. Raphael Vernon
    May 10, 2010 @ 12:51:00

    Thanks, can, I too can help you something?


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