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  1. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 19:51:00

    Sarah Palin, VOGUE, TransCanada and Fantasy
    This idea of an information lovefest is a nifty fantasy, but in reality, open and transparent means whatever government says it means — no more, no less — despite the holier-than-thou blathering you may hear to the contrary.Gov. Sarah Palin, fresh from her Vogue photo shoot, now finds herself between a rock and a very open and transparent place. She is pushing her Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, claiming it is a competitive, open and transparent…Read More


  2. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 20:01:00

    Palin should be Ashamed
    ONCE IN A while, you hear something so moronic, so insulting, so déclassé that you cannot believe your ears.Take, for instance, a radio talk show in Anchorage yesterday that interviewed Gov. Sarah Palin for a few moments about the flap, or non-flap, surrounding when she would give her “State of the State” speech.The broadcasters, and we use that term loosely, were incensed about the fracas and took the time to castigate, insult and belittle Senate President Lyda Green, a decent, hard-working public servant whether you like her or not.They asked the governor why Green would “hate” her, and Palin repled “I can’t figure that out,” although she must know Green likely does not “hate” her.Then, one of the broadcasters said this:“I’m going to say what I wish you could say: Lyda Green is a b—h and she needs to go away. She is a cancer on the progress of the state of Alaska.”What did our illustrous governor do, or say? Did she rise up to defend another Republican? Did she set these clowns right?She giggled. That’s right. She just giggled, it sounded very repugnant.Palin should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself.We are.


  3. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 20:25:00


  4. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 20:26:00

    Display of Venom


  5. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 19:06:00

    BP and ConocoPhillips today announced plans to undertake work on Denali -the Alaska Gas Pipeline.
    BP and ConocoPhillips Join on the Alaska Gas Pipeline

    Work to begin immediately on new joint pipeline effort to bring Alaska gas to market

    ANCHORAGE, April 8, 2008 -BP [NYSE: BP] and ConocoPhillips [NYSE: COP] today announced they have combined resources to start Denali – The Alaska Gas Pipeline. The pipeline will move approximately four billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to markets, and will be the largest private sector construction project ever built in North America. The project combines the financial strength, arctic experience and technical resources of two of the most capable and experienced companies in the world.

    BP and ConocoPhillips plan to spend $600 million to reach the first major project milestone, an open season, commencing before year end 2010. Following a successful open season, a process during which the pipeline company seeks customers to make long-term firm transportation commitments to the project, the companies intend to obtain Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and National Energy Board (NEB) certification and move forward with project construction. The FERC and NEB certificates are the critical permits that provide government authorization to construct a pipeline. read more


  6. Syrin from Wasilla
    May 27, 2008 @ 19:32:00

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Asking the Hard Questions


  7. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jun 12, 2008 @ 22:19:00

    Palin peoplebehave likestreet thugs
    AT SOME POINT, and that point may be now, rational Alaskans will begin questioning the collective IQ of the Palin administration.It turns out Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin says he’ll stick by his earlier decision to break up the Point Thomson oil and gas field. He says he did not trust ExxonMobil, the lead partner in the field. According to which day it is, and which story is being spun by Sarah Palin and her crew, that oil and gas field is either critical to the construction of a gas pipeline, or it means nothing. Take your pick. Irwin earlier rejected the company’s 23rd development plan for the field, using a creative bit of historical revision. He said ExxonMobil did not live up to its 22 other development plans for the high-pressure, technically difficult field. Bradner’s Legislative Digest took a look at that claim and reported it was off-base. Read More


  8. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jun 12, 2008 @ 22:20:00

    Voters Say 'Drill' — but Neither Candidate Gets It.


  9. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 07:23:00

    Hope for conservative woman president


  10. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 00:01:00

    American Idol politics
    From the Ear today.SARADISE … Our dishy governor agreed last week to do interviews with both CNBC and Fox Business News about ANWR. Ear hears CNBC got snippy when they found out about the Fox appearance and insisted she cancel it. CNBC has something it calls the "first-on" policy, meaning no one they interview can appear on a rival show earlier on the same day. Or something like that.The governor's office was friendly but said Sarah wasn't going to play that game. The Palinistas offered to re-schedule to another day, but CNBC canceled.Then they called back and said they'd make an exception for Sarah. (Don't they all.)


  11. Humbled Infidel
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 09:47:00

    Syrin I have a link for you that I think you'll love.Judicial Watch – Corruption Chronicles Alaska’s Never Ending Public Corruption Scandal is one of the articles.


  12. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 10:03:00

    There are many un answered questions conserning unethical behavior and corruption, for me, it has everything to do with this present state administration and the liberal Dems that are her allies. Don't be fooled, even Judical Watch doesn't have all the information. All they have is the common Dem talking points. Only Conservative Republicans were accused of changinging their vote. They wanted less TAX for our only tax payer in AK to reflect in the PPT. None of these so- called corrupt individuals even changed a vote for a lower tax, they always wanted that lower tax. Never! We won't let the truth get in the way however. Interesting that the FBI set up shop in the state of Alaska and started their sweep. Senator Stevens is not a newby to hateful and obnoxious lies. This all happened at the same time the Dems took over the US house and Senate. where are the Alaskan Dems in this? HUH? Believe me…more to this story…..


  13. Humbled Infidel
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 10:37:00

    Ok I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks


  14. Laura
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 20:22:00

    Why isn't Palin asked about her group that she and her husband joined- the one where they planned to make Alaska break away from the United States? Why isn't that being addressed? After all, how can someone rule a joined statehood when their very own state was under question.


  15. TexasKItty
    Sep 14, 2008 @ 12:02:00

    As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin proposed paying a $150 bounty for the severed left foreleg of each dead wolf. She has championed aerial gunning of wolves and bears and approved a $400,000 state-funded campaign to promote this awful practice.Learn more about Palin’s record online at: for checking it out…
    It is heartbreaking what Ms. Palin as governer of Alaska did in support of Aerial Killing of Wolves (and also her suing the federal government to remove Polar Bears from the Endangered Species list in Alaska).

    The commercial shows the cruelty of these hunters and how they use helicopters and planes to shoot the wolves from the air; it is completely unsportsmanlike and the wolves suffer and some are left to suffer for days with bullets in them and die an agonizing death. Often times, these aerial hunters will run the wolves to exhaustion, and then shoot and in winter time in Alaska, these poor wolves have nowhere to run to escape the shooting. In my opinion, it takes a depraved coward to shoot an animal from a plane and it goes against everything Dad ever taught us about sportsmanship and hunting. I have no issue with hunters like Dad who are sportsman like and who respected the wildlife and use their hunting to put food on the table. This un-sportsmanlike aerial hunting is not sportsmanship and it is an outrage.

    Although the commercial is upsetting and moved me to tears, I felt it very important to spread the truth out on Ms. Palin and her disregard for wildlife. Please go to the following link to watch the video:



  16. tefta
    Sep 14, 2008 @ 20:34:00

    I find it disturbing that no one has yet to question whether it is a conflict of interest for Palin to be advocating, promoting and even attempting to negotiate projects and earmarks that benefit Arctic North Slope Corp and/or BBNC.


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